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 Luna's Post it/StickyPaper/Notebook

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Luna's Post it/StickyPaper/Notebook Empty
PostSubject: Luna's Post it/StickyPaper/Notebook   Luna's Post it/StickyPaper/Notebook I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 2:21 am

March 1st 2010
Around 1am

Okay so this is my section to ramble about what's going on with me I guess.. not that any of you are probably actually interested in what I'm doing lol. But you know, sometimes just knowing that your thoughts about something are out there and could be read can make them seem more like they actually exist and have a place to be in the world instead of just sitting in your head and don't exist to anyone else. Which if they aren't where anyone else can ever see them, they may as well not exist in the long run since no one will ever know about them when you are gone. That's an interesting thing about the internet now though since so many people have online journals and what-not.. it makes it so that their words might last longer than if they were scribbled down in some little diary page that could be burned up or otherwise destroyed in an easy fashion. However with something like this those thoughts can be protected by being somewhere that is less physical yet more accessible. It's a lot less private.. but then again, if that was the intent why put it on the net?

Okay that's enough of that mindless ramble I think.
Hmm as for what's going on.. I have a huge list of commissions to get done.. which I haven't been working on since I've not been feeling good lately so that makes me not feel like working on art. My stomach is currently hurting right at the moment.. not sure if I want to take my painkillers or not.. yes and no.. yes since it makes the pain easier to ignore, no because I'm not particularly fond of my slightly altered mental state while on them.

Other than that though. Still need to get a real job since doing commissions is not going to get me enough money for the important things. I has plans darn it! Plans! Oh well.. those will probably morph into something slightly different lol.

At least I finally have my AA degree.. though how that's gonna help me get a job I'm not quite sure yet. Age and lack of job history really does work against you... but never give up! giving up is a waste of time XD

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Luna's Post it/StickyPaper/Notebook
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